Why Yamunaplynagar.com?


Undoubtedly, Yamuna Nagar is stated as the plywood manufacturing hub of the country because of the large cluster that includes plywood, board, peeling factories, veneer units and saw mills. More than 50 % of plywood consumed throughout the country is being manufactured here and therefore one can get various types of qualities depending upon ones requirement and budget. Imagine, a platform which removes the hassle of travelling to each and every production unit to analyse the quality or the time that will get wasted to first find out the people who are providing the desired material that one requires and gives a clear strata of the sellers price which can give the buyers a robust idea to plan their buyout accordingly. Yamunaplynagar.com is the first of its kind portal that is connecting Dealers, Distributors, Suppliers and manufacturers on a single platform and works on a very simple hierarchy i.e. Buyers can contact sellers from Yamunaplynagar.com and can reach out to an agreement of purchase directly. YamunaPlyNagar.com will act as an enabler or facilitator for connecting the buyers and the sellers. To ensure that enquiries are coming from genuine buyers, YamunaPlyNagar.com will be moderating the platform and check buyers’ background. The intention is to create a market place with a healthy ecosystem of buying and selling without the hassle of enquiring about each and every manufacturer’s product quality and credibility. Since YamunaPlyNagar.com will let the deal happen between the two parties directly, YamunaPlyNagar.com will not be responsible for the decisions taken by both parties. The role of the platform is to connect the buyers and sellers for their common interest in plywood and panel business.

It’s a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers as once registered with YamunaPlyNagar.com, every seller will be listed on the website and can be searched via the website’s brand search and also through the product search available on the website. We have created a team of skilled professionals that will work hard to keep you in the news and will also market any new product via text or email to the industry veterans. In short, Yamunaplynagar.com is a digital and smarter experience for the people working in the wood industry as it combines the whole buying and selling experience and shortens it up to a few clicks. To receive membership details, write to info@YamunaPlyNagar.com